zondag 13 februari 2011

Maybe it's time to change...

I guess you gonna laugh wenn I tell you that this is already my third blog.
The other blogs I have before this one are stupid I think.

But why would I tell you that? I'll tell something about myself.
I love made clothes, music, and my friends.
I am 15 years old and live in the Netherlands.

Sorry for my bad english but I have such bad marks for english so I was thinking: Heck why do I not blogging in english?
I think it's a good idea but perhaps less good to read.

Well, this was enough sonsense I thougt(;
Here is my outfit of today.  It's not so special but at least it's something so why not posting it?

The other two are not making today.
I was looking on the world wide web and I saw this amazing hairband.
It was 12 euros and I'm not gonna pay that much if I can kame it myself.
But now I'm wondering if it's a little bit to much to wearing at to school.
maybe you can tell me whether I should wear to school?

xx My Fashion Fairytale